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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When you hold resentment toward another,
you are bound to that person or condition by
an emotional link that is stronger than steel.

- Catherine Ponder

Forgiveness is a word we hear quite often in spiritual circles, and yet as much as it is used, one could sincerely ask of themselves if they practice the art of forgiveness in their own lives. Simply take a moment to be still and whisper aloud the word FORGIVENESS. There is a vibration surrounding the word that literally moves throughout the physical body and spills out into the energy field of the person when it is spoken or even thought.

So imagine that you and I are willing to step into that powerful vibration and to begin to release and let go of people and situations we believe have caused us pain or may have even harmed us. Forgiving the past can suddenly open new avenues to wholeness and the calming peace we have been seeking. It is truly a noble gesture to pardon someone for the things they have done or not done. In reality, it is a major gift we give to ourselves by coming to the realization that in Truth there are no victims, only volunteers.

No one nor any situation has ever come into our experience that we did not invite. The first step to moving forward from where we are right now is to embrace this spiritual understanding, to take
ownership and responsibility for how we live our lives. If we cannot be responsible, we cannot create the good we desire. Understanding that when we were created, Spirit gave us power and dominion over the elements, gave us a sound mind and the use of good, clear judgment to do what is ours to do in life.

It is up to us to use these abilities or not. When we step up and use our wisdom, use our Christ presence within us, we live full, productive, abundant, and healthy lives. When we don't, we live in lack, fear, and victim-hood (volunteer to be abused). Today I invite you, myself included to be in the perpetual state of forgiveness. Forgiving others, forgiving ourselves, and forgiving the belief that life is against us or that God has ever let us down.

There is freedom in releasing the hold of resentment. There is peace in taking a deep cleansing breath and exhaling what was, and inhaling only love and the air of a new beginning.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

But empty or full I've carried my pail, you don't drink the water if you don't dig the well.... I was gonna be rich no matter how much it cost. I 'uz gonna win no matter how much I lost. - Dolly Parton

You've heard the ol' saying that attitude is everything, right? Well, in reality it is. Often times life may appear to be stacked against us, but when we check out the Truth of the situation, the stacking we believe we find before us, was done single-handedly by none other than ourselves. Our attitudes and beliefs are powerful forces that are so strong that they become our way of living, thinking, and acting out.
If you believe in lack (not enough-ness of any kind) then your body, mind, and spirit lives in that energy and
vibration working like a magnet to attract that which you focus upon. Pretty simple really, Thoughts held in mind, reproduce after their kind. Now most of us like to think we are pretty clear on our Truth principles, but I ask you to look around at your world and affairs and see if you are working your principles in the world, or is the world working you?

If we are being worked by the world (outer things) we tend to be tired, stressed, and never satisfied. No one is doing things right enough, fast enough, good enough, and so on. When we are working our Truth principles (our inner Truth) we show up calmer, more centered, forgiving,
compassionate, and loving. Thoughts of not enough are few and far between and we see life as being an
opportunity rather than filled with unfairness and darkness.

You can't live an abundant life when you are not giving of yourself, your time, or your love. Yes people, that includes your money substance to the people and places where you receive spiritual comfort and nourishment. I am always taken back by those who keep waiting for the windows of heaven to fly open and hand them the winning lottery ticket, or a million dollars. And yet, they themselves
begrudge giving to the homeless, or world organizations that serve others, let alone their own churches, which are there to love and support them in times of healing and awakening.

It is time to grasp this teaching: I
How many ways can we hear it before we get it? If I don't have love in my experience, it is because I'm not giving love out in my experience. If I don't have enough money substance, it is because I'm not willing to share that which I do have with others. If my body is not aligned with wholeness, it cannot be whole. If my body, mind, and spirit are not aligned with the spirit of
kindness and giving, I cannot live an abundant, joy-filled, truly satisfied
existence. (I suggest you read and
reread this section again and again.)

You can't drink the water, Dolly says, if you don't dig the well. Now how deep is that, baby? Think on these things. What are you bringing to the table of life? If you were hungry would you wanna eat it?

Powerful Spiritual Being
(you know this is who you are called to be) step into your truth!

Rev. Jamie

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So What - Now What?

"that was then, this is now." "So what. Now what?" Ashley Judd

Where do we spend most of our time? Where would you say your attention is focused? Past, present or future? We have been talking a lot lately about "our stories" and how addicted and mesmerizing those tales can be for us. Unaware, for the most part that we weave such emotion through the retelling of them that we literally become entranced and enthralled with reliving how we were hurt, misled, wounded or even abused. Why is that? Why do we feel so compelled to tell something to others that was a source of great pain and unhappiness?

Often times we may tell our stories in an attempt to gain something. What?, you ask? Well, lets think about it for a moment. When we feel the need to tell stories where we have been taken advantage of or hurt by others, this may be our crying out for attention and sympathy in our attempt to be loved and nurtured. The retelling of these events from that stance screams and validates the often hidden core belief of being a victim and the belief that we see ourselves as being helpless.

Imagine for a moment that when we wander back into our stories of what was or our past, that we could simply view the memories from a new perspective of seeking to gain wisdom and strength from that which we survived and overcame. This kind of willingness, this kind of mind set shifts us from that place of helplessness, into a place of power and enlightenment. Today I look back on those memories of events, people and challenges that I recall as having been painful and I own what is mine, I own my stuff, my behavior, my willingness to play the games that I have played, and I lovingly say to myself -So what. Now what?

Am I willing to move on? Am I willing to process, heal and rise above my old stories? And should I feel the desire to tell them, yet again.... I will tell them with a new twist, a new vibration of how I grew, how I became a better, clearer person because of those days. I will empower not only myself, but others along the journey. Our real joy is in this now sacred moment. Step into your fullness and be a light to the world around you by writing a whole new story of who you are, and who you are becoming.


Rev. Jamie

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Resurrection Time:

God is my help in every need; God does my every hunger feed; God walks beside me, guides my way, through every moment of the day. I now am wise, I now am true, Patient, Kind and Loving too, all things I AM, can do, and be, through Christ, the Truth that is in me. God is my health, I can't be sick; God is my strength, unfailing quick; God is my all, I know no fear, Since God and Love and Truth are here.
Hannah More Kohaus

I love that poem, known as The Prayer Of Faith; Whenever I read it, I hear the voice of my mentor and minister, Bishop-Reverend Dr. Barbara King within my mind and it always makes me smile. It too is a favorite of her's and she quotes it often in a way that only she can do. Powerful words when read slowly, and taken deeply within one's own consciousness as a reminder to the Truth of not only what God is, but about whom we are in the essence of that God energy.

Often times we may need a reminder of our connection to Spirit, a surge of divine power to rejuvenate our faith and wisdom when dealing with the issues we face in life. Simply speaking a line from the poem often empowers me instantly and brings me back to my center. God is my all, I know no fear, since God and Love and Truth are here. In moments of confusion, doubt and even fear, this is all I need to focus upon to move forward with ease. Moving forward through challenging situations we may encounter, is in fact quite symbolic to the resurrection that Jesus demonstrated in the tomb.

Charles Fillmore, Unity's Co-founder said that resurrection takes place in us every time we rise to Jesus' realization of the perpetual indwelling life that is connecting us with the Father. In other words, when I can fully step into that place of knowing, believing and affirming that I AM one with the ONE, I am revived and reawakening to my true nature as a spiritual being. In a flash of insight I AM reborn and resurrected and become infused with my true Christ potential to do all, be all and live an abundant life fully present and fully joyful.

I now am wise, I now am true, Patient, Kind and Loving too, all things I AM, can do, and be, through Christ, the Truth that is in me. Our resurrection awaits! Rise up and walk as love in motion!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do You Believe You Are Open-Minded?

Do you consider yourself to be an open-minded individual? Are you open and receptive to allowing others to express who they are, and to share their beliefs and opinions without fear or judgement on your part? Many of us claim to be such. Let me hear your thoughts on this!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Positive Social Networking:

Ahhhhhh.... What church do you go to?
Rev. Jamie

Many of you know I'm an active Facebook user and am friends with many other Facebook people from not only our congregation, but from around the world. I am often amazed at the choice of words individuals use when posting their current status, but especially New Thought people themselves!

Let me be clear here when I say, that I know how challenging it can be to be mindful of every word spoken throughout our day, but when we post our words for millions of people to read, we must be clear that we are sending out a vibration that literally is reaching the masses.

The power of the spoken word is more powerful than I believe most have come to grasp. Each time I speak a negative statement or have a negative thought, I am setting myself up for that which I spoke of. Mindfulness is the key in all area's of our lives. What am I saying? What am I thinking and what vibration am I spewing over others and myself?

If you are a negative poster on Facebook, one of two things take place, I will either post back on your page "Ahhhh... What church do you go to?" or after awhile I will lovingly bless and release you from my list of friends.
Understand that this doesn't mean I don't love you, or that I no longer like you, but I choose to not have your post showing on my page for others to read. Same goes for the people I choose to surround myself with; If you are not one who empowers me, inspires me or brings me joy, I lovingly choose to step away from all negative energy. I desire to be surrounded by individuals who uplift me and call me to be more than I have ever been, in ways that are positive and nurturing to myself and the world.

So the question is my friends, are you being a positive influence in the world this day? Are you a person of positive power and hope, or are you a "Negative Nellie" that people scatter and run from? Change your thinking, change your speaking and become the powerful, loving change you desire to see!

Namaskar' (I behold the Spirit in you)
Rev. Jamie

Telling Ourselves the Truth!

There is something about knowing the truth that makes you responsible for determining what you do next!" Iyanla Vanzant

Have you ever had to face the truth about something that you knew might rattle the very core of your being? Sometimes in life we tend to avoid having to look at things that have been placed in the shadows because we are simply afraid to face whatever they may be. Our fear is that if we talk about it, look at it, or even begin to deal with it, someone might know that we have stuff. Isn't it amazing that we become more concerned with how we look to the world and less about how we may be really feeling?

Hiding our pain or not facing something that is literally bursting at the seams to spill out into the light can cause great stress and even anxiety. "What will the neighbors think ?"was one of the reoccurring statements and fears in my home when growing up. I do believe we must be mindful in how we present ourselves to life overall, but not to the point that we would avoid healing something, or facing something because we are worried what others might think of us. When we become so consumed with how we appear to others, more so than what is in our best and highest interest, something is totally gotten out of whack!

The Bible tells us that the Truth shall set us free. True freedom comes from looking at what we know is the truth, dealing with what requires attention and getting on with doing what must be done to step back into full alignment and wholeness within ourselves. The world might still whisper about our day to day dramas we triumphantly survive , but what a respectful, self sustaining, powerful spiritual being we will be remembered for having been! Tell yourself the Truth... No matter what and watch what becomes of it!


Rev. Jamie